Squirrel (Modified)
This is my modified version of Aetherbyte's Squirrel based on elmer's modified version.
It works with newer versions of HuC and somewhat reduces the clutter.
Check out the included readme.

HuC4 Note: Please remember that the PCE_INCLUDE path was changed sometime and should now point to the "huc" instead of "pce" subfolder--e.g. d:\huc\include\huc
Tiled HuC-compatible Exporter
This is a Tiled plugin I wrote to export tilemap data compatible with HuC's built-in map functions.
File -> Export as -> Save as type: HuC Tile/Map System (PC Engine) (*.bin)
Then just #incbin() the exported file in your HuC project.

To install, just put the tiled_huc_cabbage.js file in the appropriate directory:
    Windows: C:/Users/[YOUR_USER]/AppData/Local/Tiled/extensions/
    MacOS: ~/Library/Preferences/Tiled/extensions/
    Linux: ~/.config/tiled/extensions/